This is the Geography Part of our eLearning trip to the Singapore River. From Coleman Bridge to Anderson Bridge and also indicating various land marks along the stretch of Singapore river.We would observe the change from past to present.

 Now, we have the map of the route we walked along at the Singapore River.
To help you out, this is a scaled map. 

Starting point: Clarke Quay MRT
2nd point:        Coleman Bridge 
3rd point:         Elgin Bridge
4th point:         Cavanagh Bridge.
5th point:         Anderson Bridge
Ending point:  Asian Civilization Museum


LandMarks Along the way (Changes)

1) Present

The picture depicts 3 tall building in the business district in modern singapore, A drastic change from the past
(Maybank, Bank of China & Capital Mall).
The picture depicts a scene before Singapore developed into a business area.The changes made to Clarke Quay was tremendous .
In the past, the Singapore river were mainly use for shipping etc, but however this does not happen in modern day Singapore anymore.The shop houses were kept and turn into restaurants etc most of it change into a business district where the main office area and it is a busy place.

2) Present

<----Built in 1868,and being one of singapore's oldest bridge, the Cavanagh Bridge did not make much changes compared to the past.The historical sign written by the police chief is still there. The design of the bridge also did not change.

In the past, Cavenagh Bridge used to carries horses, rickshaws, ox carts in the past,however,it is now used as a pedestrian crossing where everyone can admire the view.
3) Activities

<-----This picture and the one below are bronze statues of the
people in the past Singapore. They can be found near Cavanagh Bridge.

Present day activity:
Mainly a business district the shop-houses have all become mostly restaurants. The Singapore river is no longer used for trade anymore rather more of tourist activity like a tour on a boat along the river.

Picture of the past

Past activity
Fishing and trading here was very common. The Singapore river is also where the people in Singapore survived on, for basic needs like water and maybe for daily uses like cleaning washing etc.

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