Reflections and Experiences.

We were all tired because we went the wrong way and we actually walked very far, until Robertson Bridge which we then saw something like a Directory of that area, we looked at it and we couldn't find Anderson Bridge. So I went on my phone and googled Anderson Bridge and found that it was near Fullerton Hotel. I told my team mates that and we realised that Fullerton Hotel was on the other side so we knew we went the wrong way. So we crossed Robertson Bridge and walked on the other side of the river back. When we reached Cavanagh Bridge, we saw a lot of people there so we knew we reached the right place. It was actually quite tiring. Then, we went into the museum and walked around. It was really tiring but I think we had fun. (: - Genevieve

I was late at first, and the others had gone off without me (the wrong way, that is). But by the time I reached Clarke Quay MRT, they had made their way back to New Bridge road (which is next to Clarke Quay MRT). So we met up there, then proceeded to the Asian Civilization Museum. In there, I realised that Singapore actually has a very rich history, unlike what I thought would be boring at first. I learnt alot, especially at the special fabrics gallery. Also, it was fun seeing so many of our school friends at the same place (out of school too!). - Jing Yi

We started off at the Coleman Bridge, as instructed, and were supposed to head towards Anderson Bridge, but a fellow schoolmate of ours pointed us in the wrong direction, so we ended up walking towards Robertson Quay and not Boat Quay. We walked a very long distance until we realised it was wrong and we were lost. We didn't know where to go, a my team mate used her phone to direct us and we finally reached Anderson Bridge. We were glad to be on the right track. We headed to the museum and did what we were supposed to do. It was a fun experience, walking in the wrong direction, fatigue taking over us, but we enjoyed it and had extra exercise. :) - Jemima

We begin our journey rather early and as instructed we took pictures of Coleman Bridge. Having forgotten about the map, we were clueless about where to go our fellow schoolmate hence pointed in the wrong direction. Trusting him, we walked a long long way taking photos of all the bridges until Robertson bridge at Robertson quay, before realizing we took the wrong route.We quickly walked back a long distance before finally reaching our destination at Anderson bridge. We went into the museum and started reading and taking photos. It was a enjoyable and fruitful experience that I can learn a lot from. From this experience I learnt that preparing before we go is really important. Knowing the task really well is important so as to do things quickly.
- Cassandra


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