History ヾ(*´∀ `*)ノ

For this part of the task, we chose the China civilisation to work on.
China helps society by mass-making everyday goods and providing for the world, and Singapore of course.
This is why one would see that most goods are made in China, because we import them from China.

The three artifacts we chose were:
Blue and White vase
The form of the vase is known as 'square mallet' and it was a popular shape during the early Qing period (1644 - 1911). The vase is decorated with the text and scenes from the famous literary work 'Earlier and Later Odes to the Red Cliff'. Written be Su Shi 苏轼 (1037 - 1101), the 'Odes' expresses his thoughts about the eternal cosmos and the fleeting nature of human life. The 'Odes' was a popular theme for Chinese painters and calligraphers alike.
Blue and White Bottle
This bottle is painted with underglaze cobalt-blur pigments. It is decorated with floral scrolls, plantain leaves and a stylised ruyi (如意) motif - an auspicious symbol  for good fortune. The motif of big leaves on the upper part of the neck was favoured by officials and rulers, because the phrase 'big leaves' sounds the same as he Chinese term 'daye' (大业), which means 'great achievements'.
Chinese Shadow puppets
During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong 玄宗 (712 - 756) of the Tang period, the Silla State (an ancient Korean state) northeast of China sent a written challenge to war. As Li Bai 李白 (701 - 762), a Grand Academician and famous poet, was the only person in court who could read and write the Silla language, the emperor asked to reply. Li Bai used this as an opportunity to vent his anger and frustrations on two widely feared and hated figures at the court - Yang Guozhong 杨国忠 (? - 762) - who had used the status of his sister, the imperial concubine Yang Guifei 杨贵妃 to manipulate court politics and state affairs, and Gao Lishi 高力士 (683 - 762), the notorious eunuch who persecuted loyal and honest officials. Li Bai stated his conditions for replying to the letter, that Yang Guozhong would grind the ink, Yang Guifei would pour and wine and Gao Lishi would remove his boots for him. By summoning Yang Guozhong and Gao Lishi to perform menial tasks, Li Bai hoped to teach the two egotistical court officials a lesson in humility. His request was approved. Under the strength of the wine, Li Bai wrote an excellently worded diplomatic letter in reply to the challenge of the Silla King, and talked him into submission.

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